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Travelling with dogs

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

With travel limited to our own Aussie backyard it's a perfect time to look at taking a holiday with your furbae!

We are so lucky that we have a vast and diverse country with a wide array of beaches, parks, and forests to explore, and many of them allow dogs!

But what is it really like to travel with dogs? Let us tell you, it's not always easy, there will always be places that don't allow dogs, or heaven forbid don't like dogs!

If you are looking at staying in hotels, the selection is limited, some of the smaller independent ones or country family owned ones may, so it is always good to ring in advance, in fact our best advice is always to research first, so you don’t run into any surprises!

A great Facebook page to follow is ‘Travel Australia with Dogs’ as well as https://www.holidayingwithdogs.com.au.

Our number one choice of accommodation when travelling with pooches is the good old caravan park. There are loads these days that permit dogs, mostly only if you are in a tent or a caravan, not a cabin - though there are some… again, its about research! Another thing to note is that a lot of these parks don't allow dogs during peak holiday times.

You must also remember that travelling with your furbae is going to be restricting, so there’s not necessarily going to be any fancy dinners or theme parks and most, if not all of the National Parks wont allow dogs. If these are things you want to add on your travel to do list then options to consider could be:

Looking up local dog sitters - Try Mad Paws!

Have any friends or family in the area?

Ask your holiday park neighbour and return the favour for them!

Or sit it out, and enjoy the time with your pooch!

We may be called the lucky country but we are also known as the country with snakes and spiders and other creepy crawlies, so just like when travelling with a child, we recommend carrying a first aid kit just in case your furbae runs into any dangers!


A bite to a dog from a snake can be deadly. Watch your dog at all times, when you are in snake prone areas such as long grass, keep them on a lead! The risk is low, but it's better to be cautious. If your dog is bitten, get them to a vet or animal hospital straight away! Here is some great info for further reading.


Check your dog on a daily basis especially if you have been in bush land. To check for fleas, run a finger through the fur. Make sure you are using a monthly tick treatment and if you are travelling for some time, make sure you have packed enough doses!

Depending on where you are travelling, other animals that can cause dangers to your dogs are:




Cane Toads ……...Just to name a few!

Have a local animal hospital's number handy for any emergencies and there are even some online options available Such as Your Vet Online.

In conclusion - here are 6 top tips when planning to travel with you gorgeous furbae.

1. Make sure your dog is used to travelling in the car! If they aren't, do some practice runs!

2. If they aren't already micro-chipped, then do that before you leave as well as having your phone number on their collar.

3. Take their bedding and any toys etc from home. They will be much more relaxed if they have their bed that they are used to.

4. Pack enough supply of their normal food. Continuing to feed them the food they are used to will reduce the 'change stress' and they will less likely become sick too!.

5. Lastly, take plenty of photos! What great memories to look back on! xx

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