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Tips to prevent Separation Anxiety in dogs

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

The 'Covid puppy' was a buzz word of 2020 because many people started to work from home (and still do) and they bought puppies thinking it was a great time because they're at home and have more free time, and it's true! Potty training, behaviour training, bonding time is so much easier when you are at home!

But what happens after being home the whole time and then suddenly you have to go back into the office, well that is when separation anxiety may kick in. Dogs by nature are pack animals, so as their carers, we should really help make this unnatural situation less stressful!

Some signs of separation anxiety include:

  • Barking, whimpering and howling

  • Destructive behaviour such as chewing on furniture and digging holes

  • Escaping

  • Inability to settle

  • Pacing

  • Loss of appetite

So how can you help your furbae if you think they may be suffering from separation anxiety?

The simplest approach is not to be with your dog 24/7. You can do this by gradually increasing the time your dog is left alone. Start off by simply moving to another room and closing the door. Then gradually increase the amount of time you leave your dog, try and do this at least once a day. When you leave, give them their favourite toy or a long lasting treat, you want to make the experience as pleasant as possible for them. Also, make sure you are not making a big deal when you come home, try not to pick them up or make eye contact, just act calm and normal.

Other tips that can ease separation anxiety include:

  • If you can, try and take your dog for a walk before leaving home. Try and make the walk as rigorous as possible....... tire them out, a tired dog is a calm dog!

  • Try and also use different 'leaving home' signals. Exit via a different door, say your goodbye before you actually leave, not as you are leaving. You want to break your dog's association of you leaving and not trigger the separation anxiety.

  • Leave comfort items such as their soft toys or dirty laundry that smell like you.

  • Give them a Kong filled with yummy stuff 5 minutes before you leave to distract them.

  • Try our range of calming spritzers by spraying it on your dogs collar and bedding!

Hopefully some of the above tips may just help your furbae (and you) get over separation anxiety and enjoy their alone time! xx

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