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Taking the stress out of bath time!

Some dogs love a good bath and some.....not so much, which can make things a little stressful. Our dry shampoo is a great option between baths, but for those other times when your pooch needs a scrub, we've put together a few tips to take the stress out of bath time.

  • It can be a good idea to bath your dog after a long walk, so they are tired and chilled. If they are particularly challenging at bath times, have some extra treats on hand or invest in a lick mat to help distract them (my Max is a big peanut butter fan!).

  • Be prepared, have everything you need close by, a towel, shampoo, a brush and any other essentials.

  • If possible, having access to warm water really helps provide a nice, relaxing and positive experience (I really don't like a cold shower, who does?!). Another handy item is a shower hose to add to your tap, they make bath time a lot simpler and quicker. They are relatively cheap, you can find them at your local hardware store.

  • Start by gently wetting your dog, massage the water into their coat, try to avoid getting water near the eyes.

  • Use enough of your Clean Clive Shampoo to create a gentle lather, massage into the coat, use a calm and loving voice to praise your dog for their good behaviour. Try to keep the shampoo out of their eyes, if it does, gently wipe away with a towel.

  • If your dog is a little dirtier than usual, rinse, then apply a second wash, until he feels and looks visibly clean.

  • Wrap your dog in a towel and give them an extra big cuddle. Now might be a good time to give them that treat!

  • You can let your dog dry naturally, or, (if they let you) dry them off with a hair dryer. Once you are all done, give a good brush and if needed, add a little detangling spray, followed by a quick spray of your favourite furbaelove spritz!

Now, give yourself a pat on the back for being an awesome pawrent!

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