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Fun games with dogs in the backyard!

Sometimes getting out for a walk or to the dog park may not always happen for whatever reasons. But that doesn't mean your dog has to miss out on all the fun.

Playing games can help stimulate their minds and bodies & may just be what they need if they have been cooped up indoors all day.

Below are some games that you can play in your own backyard with your dog!


A good old game of fetch never fails. Most dogs never get tired of this one!

Hide and seek

For this one, hide some balls or toys around the garden making sure your dog can’t see you. Let her sniff them out and reward her every time she finds one! You can help her out by using encouraging words like when she gets close.

Scatter feeding

Dogs love this one! Scatter some dry food on the ground or in the grass and let them run around sniffing out their treats!

Digging pit

Digging is an all time favourite for dogs but not fun for humans when it’s your lawn! So this one is encouraged by providing a sand filled digging pit. For extra fun hide some dog treats, bones and toys for your dog to discover!

Water play

A lot of dogs love playing with water, so playing with a hose in the backyard can be a whole lot of fun. Some dogs just love to chase the stream of water flying out of the end of the hose but there are other dogs that will not go anywhere near the hose so always exercise caution.

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