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Lockdown boredom busters

I think we are all feeling a little bored, cooped up and stir crazy at the moment. If that's how we are feeling, I'm sure our dog's are feeling it even more! It is important that we stay safe, and only leave the house when it is absolutely essential so, to help combat doggy boredom, we've compiled some indoor fun for you and your pooch to enjoy, before someone starts chewing on your favourite slippers for entertainment!!

Playing with your dog is good for everyone, it gets us up and moving and tends to bring a smile to our faces, something I think we are all in need of.

Hide and Seek, 2 options

Option 2, Playing with treats

Let your dog see that you have a treat in your hand

  • Say ‘get it!’ and then throw the treat along the ground

  • When your dog finds the piece of food, say a clear ‘yes!’ with positive reinforcement, your dog will soon get the hang of the game. Hours of entertainment!

You can make the game more challenging by hiding the treats it trickier locations like behind furniture or other rooms, just be sure to leave the doors open.

Option 2, Playing with people

Just like the hide and seek game with treats, you can play the same game but with people. It's best to start off with 2 people.

  • Person 1 goes and hides while person 2 keeps the dog distracted (and from noticing where person 1 has gone to hide)

  • Person 2 says go find person 1 (using their names, eg go find daddy!)

  • When your dog is successful in finding daddy, make sure you give lot's of praise for his very clever finding skills.

Hot tip

Keep your hiding spots simple to start with, you want them to find you easily and as they get the hang of it, start to make it more challenging.


You can still play this all time favourite inside. Just use soft toys, things that won't cause damage if they are hurled too hard and fast at the television.

Tug of war

A great game for tiring dogs out!! This is a great game to play indoors, still the same rules.

Food glorious food!

Keep your dog stimulated with scavenger games. Invest in toys and items that keep them entertained like a Kong or food puzzles. You can also create cost effective food puzzles with used (but safe) product packaging. There are loads of ideas out there, get creative!

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