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Dog Park Etiquette

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Most dogs love dog parks, it's a big part of their routine. My dog is in that category, he loves to run off steam, hang out with his mates, run free in a big open space, something that he doesn't have at home. But, not all dogs love them, especially those dogs that might be a little timid or have had limited socialisation, it can be overwhelming for these dogs. But generally, the dogs find their way, us owners? We could use a little reminder now and then on what is and what isn't OK, a little brush up on our dog park etiquette.

The Unspoken Rules....

Dogs must have a collar

Some parks are big and not always fenced, dogs should always wear a collar with their name and contact number.

Keep your dog vaccinations up to date

Don't put other dogs at risk, only take your dog to a public park if their vaccinations

are up to date. And be sure to keep your dog home if they are unwell.

Ask a dogs owner before offering out your doggy treats

We all love to spoil our dogs with treats but that doesn't mean you can spoil other dogs. You won't necessarily know if another dog has health issues or is on a particular diet. And, as we know, most dogs will eat anything that is offered to them (even if it's bad for them!) so be sure to check with their owner first.

Stay focused....on your dog!

We all love a chat, but your dog is your responsibility, so pay attention and know where she is and what she is up to. Your dog should always be the main focus of your attention.

Don't bring a dog with aggression issues

A dog park isn't the place to start socialising a dog to help them work through behavioural issues. Dogs that have difficulties with other dogs really need focused behavioural training with the help of an expert. These dogs may not instinctively know how to behave in stressful situations and if they become stressed, their owners really need to step in. And, as hard as this may be, if your dog is causing issues, then you need to be a responsible owner and take him home.

Don’t bring an over-excited dog This might seem like odd advice, but make sure your dog has had some exercise before you get to the park. A dog that has been home all day and is full of beans is more likely to get in other dogs faces. Take them on a decent walk before you arrive at the park or throw a ball around the backyard before you leave. It's best they are at least a little chilled when they meet other dogs.

Don’t take a puppy to the dog park. Until your dog is at least 12 (preferably 16) weeks old, and has had all their vaccinations, they need to stay away from areas where they’ll come in contact with other animals. As always, chat to your vet about when they’re ready to head out into the world.

Know your dogs limits

Does your dog have good recall? If not, then maybe your not quite ready for an off leash park. Remember, it's important to keep your dog safe and to avoid having to run around the park after your dog!

Pick up your poop

This may sound like an obvious one but some owners still need reminding. Lots of parks provide doggy poop bags, but just in case, it's always best to carry some with you. Be sure to dispose of the poop in bins provided or if necessary, take and dispose of at home.

We are so lucky to live in a doggy community that has so many beautiful parks to choose from. Let's all work together to be responsible owners and do the right thing for our dogs and the wider community xx

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