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Does your dog suffer from hot spots?

Is your dog constantly scratching?

Can you see signs of skin irritation, flaking, swelling, patches of hair falling off, lesions or worse, oozing smelly wounds?

These might be symptoms of hot spots or, pyotraumatic dermatitis. Hot spots may appear anywhere on your dog's body but are more commonly found on legs, hips and head.

Hot spots are usually caused by constant licking and scratching by your pet. Any of the following underlying issues may be causing the licking or scratching.

Anxiety that results in biting or licking


A poorly groomed coat

Moisture trapped in the coat from swimming or bathing

Parasites and mites

Flea allergy dermatitis

Food allergies

Atopic dermatitis

Ear problems

Anal sac disease


Contact irritants

Healthy skin really is key in preventing hot spots! Make sure your dog is free of fleas and ticks. If your pooch has a thick, heavy coat, groom him regularly with gentle all-natural grooming products to prevent his coat from matting. Heavily knotted fur traps moisture and parasites, like fleas, creating the perfect environment for hot spots.

No matter the cause, the cycle of constant licking and scratching will cause trauma to the skin; and eventually lesions and open wounds, creating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and infection. There are many natural  remedies you can try to provide your dog with relief, including our own Sally's Soothing Dolly Balm. But if the infection is serious, it is important to have your dog seen by a vet, who may prescribe antibiotics or other treatment.

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