about us

Hi, we are Bec and Emma, two Mums from Sydney. Between us we have 6 kids, plus our beloved furry and feathered friends.



Our lives are non stop busy and a little mad, but amongst it all, we are passionate about natural products, aromatherapy and the power of essential oils and what they can do for our precious dogs.

We wanted to create products that were natural, ethical and most of all, helped dogs and their owners with those everyday challenges like separation anxiety, bad smells and general well-being. After extensive study in aromatherapy and our own personal experiences, we created furbaelove.

Our products are made using all-natural, organic (whenever we can!) and vegan ingredients here in Australia. We love our products, and we hope you and your dogs do too!

          Love from Bec and Emma xx


PS. We have also included a lot of helpful info in our Hints & Tips section, including a directory of nationwide dog parks, doggie events and our blog. Enjoy!